Series Trailers:


Micro budget series using minimum resources and a small crew.
Edited in St Just in Penwith, Cornwall, Jan/March/April 2015 for xTreme.


‘Surfing Brilliant Corners Hainan, China’ (4K 52 mins)

Shot on RED Scarlet and GoPro in 4K.
Delivery in 4K (ProRes 4444) / HD.
DOP:  Morgan Lowndes.
Directed, written and presented by Sam Bleakley.


‘Surfing Brilliant Corners’
Barbados/Jamaica/Haiti/Liberia (HD 52 mins each)

Major re-edits from existing timelines.

Shot on RED Scarlet, GoPro, Canon DSLR and Sony.
Delivery in HD.

Produced & Directed by Leo McCrea
Written and presented by Sam Bleakley.
Filmed by Leo McCrea and Sam Lang

Directed, written and presented by Sam Bleakley.
DOP:  Morgan Lowndes.

All edited in FCPX.

Severe budget constraints meant that everything was done in-house. The films were graded within FCPX using, where possible, the RED RAW HUD (DaVinci Resolve Lite not usable above HD).

Audio edited in Logic X and FCPX.

Artwork/Titles/Credits: Morgan Lowndes

A lot of work over a short, intense period.